Is there a more innovative and sophisticated way to build your business?

We think so.

Small Batch Marketing

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The Art of Human Connection

Welcome to Valor Creative Media.  We believe that businesses thrive by creating connections.  We craft human experiences through innovative small batch marketing strategy, craft brand design, dynamic websites, and meaningful social media outreach.  As technology advances, the B2B or B2C world is fading and the human to human world (H2H) is becoming the leading edge in business. In H2H business, we can unleash the beauty of entrepreneurship and marketing by creating lasting impressions that convert people to customers and customers to friends.  Our Art is Designing the Human Connection.

Welcome to your new business: Small Batch Marketing. Craft Branding. Social Media. Website Design. Digital Media. Print Marketing. Content Writing. Corporate Lifestyle.


Small Batch Marketing – yes, it’s a thing!

We’re not trying to be cool, okay, maybe we are. We’re cool enough to know that in the millennial market, your old school, blanket marketing plan is about to tank your business. Why? Because today’s customer wants you to make a real connection. They want real time, relevant, and engaging social media posts. They want dynamic web designs that reach them on a personal level. Your customer wants to know you. They want to know which of their friends thinks your business is outstanding. Small batch marketing gives your company the personal edge that will build your future and the agility to change course with your clients. That’s pretty cool.

Brands – Handcrafted Just for You.

The Craft Branding Model builds a brand that focuses on providing a specific, deep value to your customers. You don’t have to be everywhere to build your business, you have to be in the right places, creating meaningful connections with people through artful designs, handcrafted fonts, new color schemes, and thoughtful messages. Your customer will connect with your story.