Who We Are

We’re passionate about art innovation, elegant digital design, and creating sincere advertising campaigns.  It’s our mission to create beauty; inspire action, and make connections with and for our clients.


The Art of Communication – It’s What We Do

We help companies develop unique visual and text experiences that create an emotional connection with people; building relationships, brand identity, and trust.


Brands that are thoughtfully created stand the test of time with only minor investments in updates to adapt to new ages of technology and changes in your target market demographics or mind-sets.  An enduring brand first draws visitors, then, turns visitors into followers, followers into customers, and customers into long-lasting relationships that grow your business sustainably.


Aesthetically pleasing print designs in service of your message bring your mission & vision directly to your audience. We carefully create the visuals and copy for your brand with thoughtful color schemes, font stories, and graphic arts that give your business/product/service your unique personality. Weaving this brand intuitively through your entire print presence creates a continuity and reliability for the consumer experience of your company.


Our digital media designs blend elegant design with intuitive user interfacing to create a dynamic web presence for your company to reach your audience on a personal level. We give your digital presence the personal edge that will build your future with the agility to change course with a fast-paced market. 


Robin started Valor Creative Media in 2013 to offer clients a luxury, bespoke creative agency experience with realistic pricing.  With her dual MA in Transformative Leadership and Corporate Change, and a dual BA in Writing and Fine Arts, Robin brings clients a rare mix of passion for sophisticated print design, inspiring copy-writing, and sexy digital media campaigns.  Her Macro/Micro System identifies the core values of the company to bring in the ideal customers and keep advertising overhead costs down.  Robin has over 15 years of marketing and executive experience in diverse industries, including architecture, engineering, real estate, government contracting, nutrition, holistic health, lifestyle & fitness, water-sports, theater, authors, and business/executive coaching.  She lectures on product and package design at John Hopkins University in the Applied Physics & Engineering Department.


A self-taught designer and photographer, Joseph has worked in wide-ranging areas of design, from product package and print design, to web development and photography, to theater stage lighting design. Joseph blends his depth of experience with an eye for aesthetics and a gentle touch to work with clients big or small to achieve a finished product that exceeds expectations. Building his first website in 1996, his site designs combine beautiful photography and thoughtful imagery with easy and intuitive functionality for the ultimate user experience.


An award winning designer, writer, illustrator, photographer and art director for over 40 years; Bill’s career has spanned the fashion world, food and furniture industry, real estate development, medical, technological institutions and broadcast media. Bill’s career has encompassed marketing and advertising design projects on a corporate level for clients including Nike, Wells Fargo, Microsoft, Habitat for Humanity, as well as start up identity and branding for new and smaller business ventures. Bill’s experience comes from an immense range of clientele and makes him a well-seasoned designer and strategist for any size client projects. In understanding an organization’s mission and values, Bill helps businesses position their product and brand for audiences and differentiate them across a world of touch points through innovative design.


A seasoned graphic designer with over 15 years of experience, Don’s mission is simple; he loves to create great logos, printed materials, and websites that communicate exceptionally well. Seriously, Don is in love with typography and everything to do with printed collateral. His magnificent work in the craft branding and graphic arts field ranges from boat-builders, software, technology, restaurants, and the music industry. He contributes to the Valor team with his expertise in concept inception, design pre-press, and all production oriented details.