Project Description


Coaching People who want to Make a Difference, Be The Difference!

Jackie Lesser & Creating Impact, LLC retained Valor Creative Media in 2015 as on-going marketing partners.  Together, they provide high impact leadership coaching and heart-centered programs for pioneering leaders in the 21st century.   The Jackie Lesser brand has organically evolved in the last two years to encompass three brands, two social media campaigns, #loveistheway #getintheway and #loveinthatshirt, apparel, workshops, and a weekly YouTube offering, #FreedomPhrase.  The challenge with this brand is to maintain continuity in theme and messaging throughout all media channels and posts/casts.

In 2016, we created two websites for the Jackie Lesser brand to focus on the target audience and create clear, consistent messaging.  First, we redesigned  Valor Creative provided digital design mock-ups for the site design and layout.  Using the original logo created for Creating Impact, we created an overall color scheme and font story for the site. was a design/build project to bring all three brands, Jackie Lesser, The wHolyShift (which previously had its own site), and into one, dynamic site for clients and social media followers to find all the company’s resources and ways to engage.  An original logo, color scheme, and image story was designed for this site and carried across all social media channels for continuity.

The brand’s social media campaigns bring her followers daily posts, photos, blogs, and articles carefully curated by Jackie on a daily basis as her wrap-around marketing task.  The social media marketing campaign strategy #loveinthatshirt was created in conjunction with what Jackie loves to do – find inspiring t-shirts around the world and engage with total strangers to take a photo of their inspiration.  A social media group bonded by the love in their shirts has formed as a result of this campaign.  As part of this social media outreach, we created small, handout cards with information on how to follow this hashtag and see your photos.  Followers also add their own photos they’ve taken of strangers and pass on the cards, growing the outreach of the campaign and the Jackie Lesser brand.

Other work: T-shirt designs. Business Cards. Workbook design. On-going website maintenance and updates. Blog editing.