Project Description


The Lost Colony is an epic historical play about the first English settlers in America, the lost colony of Roanoke Island.  The play has been performed in an outdoor theater since it’s first production in 1939. The Valor Creative team came together on this project to create an updated image for the play and the venue and a marketing plan that would bring the audience into a “Disney-like” outdoor performance.  The marketing direction of “Can You Solve America’s Oldest Mystery” was created to immerse patrons in the history of the play and the historical story.  Photo opportunities were placed around the venue with hashtags for social media posts and contests were created for social media engagement.  The logo was masterfully redesigned by Bill Hartlove with his own hand-drawn font.  Our team also created new posters and a program cover design based on a never-released poster from Disney’s The Lion King. Valor also created the logos for Live at the Waterside concert series, Haunted History, and Psycho-Path.

The website redesign by Joseph Knapp and Robin Christine incorporated the custom creation of a Pantone color palette mixed for The Lost Colony from actual set photos.  The wooden panels on the website were designed by hand from photos of the doors on the set.  The site updated the user experience with new photography, an interactive visual menu, and historical links.  This website also serves The Lost Colony’s other productions, their children’s play, Live at the Waterside Concert Series, Psycho-Path Haunted Tour and Haunted History Tour and had to be designed for each audience’s particular experience with each performance in mind.  Essentially it was several sites in one.  We streamlined the user experience through our use of font, custom color palette, and a continuation of set design usage throughout the design.